Kinect Sesame Street TV Xbox 360 Game for Kinect

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Children can experience the world of Sesame Street like never before alongside their favourite characters.

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Jump into Sesame Street and play! Kinect for Xbox 360 lets children interact through voice and gesture with Sesame Street characters who will respond based on the child’s actions, an interactive experience that the people at Sesame Street have dreamed about for years.

With Kinect Sesame Street TV, children are invited to experience the world of Sesame Street alongside their favourite characters, such as Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster, and Elmo, like never before. The magic of Kinect transforms passive viewing into active participation, encouraging children to use their gestures, voices, and bodies to interact with characters and educational content on the screen.* With new content created exclusively for Kinect and access to hundreds of classic clips from the Sesame Street archive, learning has never been so much fun!

  • Use full-body gestures and voice recognition to move from experience to experience, and go from passive watching to active participation
  • Jump like a frog with Elmo, learn letters with Cookie Monster, and count with Grover
  • Help Sesame Street characters with tasks, play in their world, and learn together with content from actual episodes of the 42nd season of Sesame Street