Type Cover 2 (Charcoal)

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The next generation classic click-in keyboard for Surface now comes in four colours.

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Surface Type Cover 2

Surface Type Cover 2

Type Cover 2 is backlit so you can work in any lighting conditions. With the speed and comfort of a classic keyboard in a super-thin, lightweight design, you can truly work any where, any time.

Colourful, backlit mechanical keyboard

Colourful, backlit mechanical keyboard

Work like you always have in even more places. Type Cover 2 has the speed and functionality of a classic laptop keyboard. It’s backlit so you can continue working after the lights go out. Easy attach and disconnect lets you set up and get going right away.

Windows shortcut, function and media keys, and trackpad

Windows shortcut, function and media keys, and trackpad

Windows shortcuts, function keys and media controls make it easy to navigate your Surface without taking your hands off the keyboard. Ultra-thin trackpad lets you control the cursor with your fingertip.

Doubles as screen cover

Doubles as screen cover

Fold Type Cover 2 back like a book cover to get the full touch-screen experience. Type Cover 2 keys are disabled when the cover is flipped back. Close Type Cover 2 to shut down your display, and help protect the screen from bumps and scratches.

Tech specs

Supported platforms

Surface, Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2


7.4 x 10.9 in • 5.0 mm thin


255 grams / 0.55 lbs

Available colours

Black, Cyan, Purple and Magenta


Activation: Moving (mechanical) keys • Layout: QWERTY, full row of function keys (F1 – F12) • Dedicated buttons for Windows shortcuts and media controls






1-year limited hardware warranty