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Operating system and software

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Surface 2

Surface 2

Starting at AU$399.00

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A fast and productive tablet that runs Office

NVIDIA Tegra 4

Windows RT 8.1
Microsoft Office 2013 RT1

Up to 10 hours2

Full-size USB 3.0
microSD card reader
Headphone jack
HD video out
Cover port

Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3

Starting at AU$979.00

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An innovative an powerful laptop replacement

4th generation Intel Core i3, i5, or i7

Windows 8.1 Pro

Up to 9 hours2

Full-size USB 3.0
microSD card reader
Headset jack
Mini display port
Cover port

Save $130

Watch HD movies, play games, and stream millions of songs
with Surface 2. Now starting at $399.00.

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Write on cue

With Surface Pen, simply click to open a blank document on your
Surface Pro 3, even if your device is in sleep mode.