• Dead Island: Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition for Xbox 360

Dead Island: Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition for Xbox 360

Fight zombies on a flooded tropical island in Dead Island: Riptide for Xbox 360.







Blood and Gore

Welcome to the tropical island of Palanai on the Banoi archipelago, recently devastated by a monsoon and a viral zombie outbreak. Join the few remaining survivors in a nightmarish fight for your life.

Dead Island: Riptide combines open-world gameplay, first-person action, role-playing, and multiplayer co-op with new enemies, new deadly weapons, a new playable character, and more.

  • Explore a flooded former paradise and fight terrible new zombie mutations
  • Play as new character John Morgan and join the fight with a unique set of skills
  • Adapt to changing visibility conditions caused by dynamic weather systems
  • Place traps, fences, and turrets to defend sanctuaries from zombie onslaughts
  • Enjoy intense and strategic team play with new communication features in co-op mode

  • Special Edition game with in-game unlockable content
  • Alternate box art
  • Digital strategy map
  • Travel suitcase packaging

  • Zombie hula girl bobble figurine
  • Severed hand bottle opener/fridge magnet
  • Bungalow key with wooden tag


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