• Phineas & Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff for Xbox 360

Phineas & Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff for Xbox 360

There's no such thing as just an ordinary day during Phineas and Ferb's last week of summer vacation.







Mild Cartoon Violence


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Travel to out-of-this-world places

There's a whole lot of stuff to do during the last week of summer vacation, and of course Phineas and Ferb want to do it all. Join the charismatic brothers of invention as they travel to out-of-this-world places in their newest invention, the A.T.T. (All-Terrain Transformatron). This upgradeable, customizable, ultra-cool amphibious ride helps the boys in their search for artifacts to stock their Museum of Cool. Meanwhile, bumbling villain Dr. Doofenshmirtz unleashes his latest obscure "-inator" devices to further his plot to take over the entire Tri-State Area.

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Choose your character

Play as Phineas, Ferb, or Perry the pet platypus (aka double Agent P) in four intertwining episodes. Along the way you'll meet and interact with characters from the show including Candace, Isabella, Buford, and whiz-kid Baljeet.

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Transform Perry from subdued pet to super Agent P

Infiltrate the Doctor's lab as Agent P and jump, run, crouch, slide, hang from ledges, fight robotinators, and sneak past traps and obstacles.

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Build and play in the A.T.T.

Upgrade the A.T.T. by assembling new parts like pinchers, drills, rocket boosters, and headlights to access new areas. Customize the A.T.T. as you like with colors, sounds, and decorative parts.

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Defeat Dr. Doof’s malevolent machines

Fight flying Norm Bots and robot hordes including the Patroller, Jumper, Charger, and other “get-rid-of-cool-stuff-inators.” Avoid Dr. Doof’s nasty lab traps: collapsing floors, laser beams, and falling boulders.