• Surface HD Digital AV Adapter

Surface HD Digital AV Adapter

Plug in. Watch out.

Works exclusively with Surface RT, connects to HDMI-compatible displays, and stream movies, play games, watch videos.





Plug in. Watch out.

You’ve got so much to share, and so many people to share it with – why not share it in high definition? Expand your horizons and your audience. Show off everything you’ve got on an HD-quality screen.

Designed for Surface RT, this proprietary HD Digital AV Adapter lets you connect your device to any HDMI-compatible display (HDTV, monitor, or projector) and stream movies, play video games, and watch slideshows in high definition.


  • Designed exclusively for Surface RT
  • Connects to HDMI-compatible displays1

Product Features

HD quality sharing

HD digital connection provides high-definition clarity for displaying presentations, photos, and video. Works with HDMI compatible displays and HDTV. Exclusively for Surface RT.


Connects Surface RT to HDMI-compatible devices and displays1


286,2 x 18,9 x 10,1 mm


18 g

Connector Type

Male (input)


1-year limited warranty