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Step up to a whole new way of gaming with Xbox Kinect games. With games across a range of genres – from sports to fantasy, children's, racing, and more – there's something for everyone at Microsoft. Browse our selection of games for Kinect and start shopping today.

With Kinect, your whole body becomes the controller. The Kinect sensor for Xbox allows you to control your gaming system with a single gesture. Engage in interactive gameplay and video chat with friends and family. The Kinect is a great way to let the whole family be involved in an active way that gets you off the couch.

Everyone can get in the action with Kinect games like FIFA, which delivers a real-world soccer experience right to your living room. Kinect allows you to use voice commands to manage tactics without pausing the game, as well as talk to officials and shout directions. Find other sports-related games like those for football, golf, and more.

In addition, now you can get fit with a personalized training program, which helps you to get fitter, faster, and stronger, no matter your starting fitness level. Kinect gives you real-time feedback and tracks your progress over time. It's the ideal way to work out from the comfort of your home. If personal training isn't your thing, try other fitness games for Kinect, a motivating experience that will get you pumped up from the first moment.

At Microsoft, we recognized that not all games are suitable for children. That's why we make it easy to view each game's features and ESRB ratings, which can range from E for Everyone to A for Adults Only. With such a range of Xbox Kinect games, it's not hard to find something you'll love. Shop our site today and see what Microsoft has in store.

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