• Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 for Xbox 360

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 for Xbox 360

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 for Xbox 360 revolutionizes the virtual golf swing.





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Taking its most significant leap forward in swing mechanics in over a decade, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 revolutionizes the virtual golf swing. Take full control over your swing with all-new tempo, swing plane, and shot power controls along with an adjustable shot setup that lets you address the ball in a number of ways to create limitless shot types with just one club.

The first-ever Kinect for Xbox 360 sports simulation title tracks full body movements to create the most advanced and authentic swing to date on the virtual golf course. Controller-free and voice-enabled controls provide a unique, never-before-seen sports gaming experience.

  • Relive Tiger Woods' most memorable accomplishments as he rises from child prodigy to golfing legend
  • Take your game to the next level with the first controller-free, voice-enabled, and body-tracking sports simulation for Kinect
  • Vary the tempo and speed of your swing to directly influence the power of your shot-fast tempo adds more distance to shots
  • Use the all-new Strike Meter to place the sweet spot of the club precisely where you want to hit the ball
  • Take on the best of the best on some of the world's most celebrated championship golf courses around the globe, including the St. Andrews Links, Pebble Beach Golf Links, TPC Sawgrass, and many more
  • Drag your aiming marker forward and back to blend between full, three-quarter, pitch, and chip shots
  • Create draw and fade shots by opening and closing your golfer's stance
  • Affect the launch trajectory by moving the ball forward or backward in your stance to create flop and punch shots
  • Use the Swing Arc as a guide to execute your swing with the proper power, trajectory, and shot shape