INSTEON Starter Kit

INSTEON Starter Kit

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INSTEON Starter Kit

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Additional modules for Insteon

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INSTEON Keypad Dimmer 2334-232

With this Keypad Dimmer you get two products in one: a multi-button controller and 600-watt dimmer that can control up to five different devices or groups of devices.


INSTEON Plug-In On/Off Appliance Module

Remotely control and schedule devices like small appliances, lamps, and space heaters from wherever you are with this handy on/off module.


INSTEON Wireless Open/Close Sensor

This wireless sensor automatically controls the lights, appliances, and thermostat in your home when doors open and close.



This crystal-clear wireless HD camera is perfect for home and business use, and has three times the pixels of standard-definition cameras.


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