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Tablet Computers

Windows tablet computers are the portable way to surf the Web, watch movies, read e-books, catch up with social media, get work done, and more. Take your tablet with you from the kitchen to the couch, to work and back home again, on a road trip, on vacation or anywhere you want to go. With lots of power under the hood, tablet computers are a competitive alternative to your laptop or PC. Which means it’s easy to get work done on your Windows tablet PC using all your favorite Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. And with screen resolution up to 1080p, watching movies and videos on your tablet is an incredible high-definition experience.

From the Microsoft Surface to Windows tablets from brands like ASUS,Dell,HP, Lenovo, Nokia, and Toshiba, it’s easy to choose the one that’s right for you at the Microsoft Store. Compare tablet features like 8-inch and 10-inch touchscreens, 4G LTE connectivity, and battery life. Choose a tablet with 32GB of storage or step up to specs like a PC when you choose a more robust tablet with 512GB of storage. Or choose one with the connectivity you need, like full-size or micro USB ports, mini DisplayPort, microSD card readers and HDMI ports.

If you are looking for other great PC tablet alternatives, check out the line of HP Stream Machines that will let you connect virtually from anywhere. They include a sleek HD display, an ultra-fast Intel processor, and all the memory you need for work and play. Also consider some of the other laptop computers, surface tablet, gaming laptops, or smartphones at great prices.

Every tablet sold at Microsoft Store comes with the Microsoft Signature Edition. This means that your new tablet will be lightning-fast from the moment you turn on.

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