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PC games

Computer Games

Spring into action with our collection of PC games. At Microsoft, we have something for everyone, from fantasy computer games to war/battle/shooter, superhero, sports, and sim games. Explore the best PC games around when you shop Microsoft.

Tired of hours spent waiting in long lines on release day? Experience the convenience and relief of Microsoft's pre-order system. Simply place the order in advance of release, and we guarantee you'll have the game in hand on release day without setting a foot outside your home. If the game has already released, we make ordering easy, with free shipping and free returns on all products.

Get the deets on each of our Windows games by clicking on the title that interests you most. You'll see an overview of the game's premise, as well as features and gaming requirements. Not only that, but we make it easy to tell if the game is suitable for the whole family with clear ESRB rating that range from E for Everyone to T for Teen, M for Mature, and A for Adults Only. Our description also gives information on the game's contents, including possible violence, drug references, language, blood and gore, and more.

There's no point in exploring the latest PC games if you don't have a gaming laptop or desktop on which to play them. At Microsoft, we carry a suite of PC computers across a variety of brands you trust – from MAINGEAR to ASUS, Razer, MSI, Lenovo, Toshiba, and more – available at a range of price points. Browse our selection and discover the perfect combination of speed, graphic quality, processor, size, and more. Whatever you choose, our computers are built for gaming, although most of them also make efficient work PCs as well.

Buy PC games for the whole family. Check out our collection of computer games and see what Microsoft has in store. 

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