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Surface Power Cover is rated4.1667 out of5 by42.
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Equal parts keyboard, battery charger, and protective cover, the Power Cover is the Surface accessory you're going to want. It extends your Surface's battery up to 70%.*


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Equal parts keyboard, battery charger, and protective cover, the Power Cover is the Surface accessory you're going to want. It extends your Surface's battery up to 70%.*




Surface Power Cover

For Surface power users

Extends battery life while you work
Work with the speed and functionality of a classic laptop keyboard while extending the battery life of your Surface up to 70% with the Power Cover. It also recharges your Surface's battery while you work. You'll have plenty of juice to stay unplugged all day in the office, during a full day of classes, or on a cross-country flight.

Windows shortcut, function keys, media controls, and trackpad
The Power Cover has all the standard features of a classic QWERTY keyboard. A full row of Function keys (F1-F12), Windows shortcut keys, media controls, and a trackpad make it easy to navigate your Surface without taking your hands off the keyboard. An ultra-thin trackpad lets you control the cursor with your fingertip.

Doubles as screen cover
Fold the Power Cover back like a book cover to get the full touchscreen experience—the keys are disabled when the cover is flipped back. When closed, the Power Cover shuts down your display to preserve battery life, and helps protect the screen from bumps and scratches when you’re on the move.

Note: Windows updates are required prior to first use.**

Tech specs


10.9 x 7.5 x 0.37 in (278 x 190 x 9.5 mm)


18.8 oz (535 g)


Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2

Available colors



Activation: Moving (mechanical) keys • Layout: QWERTY, full row of function keys (F1 – F12) • Dedicated buttons for Windows shortcuts and media controls






1-year limited hardware warranty

Ratings and reviews

Rated 5 out of5 by fromGreat Addition to the Surface LineupI was able to preorder the Power Cover and I have been using the Power Cover for about a week now, and it has been great.During this first week, it took time and experimenting to understand how the Power Cover works in multiple situations. I had a handful of question before I bought this, but there were no reviews that explained them. Therefore, I want to let others know what I found out.To start with, the Power Cover shows up as a second battery. Surface will give a percentage of power left for each battery, and then it will give an overall percentage and estimated time remaining. - This many cause some people to take a second look when there is 0 percent power left on the keyboard and 100 percent power on the surface and the overall power left is 40 percent, (because it did for me at first).I am using this Power Cover with the Surface Pro 2 and just doing regular office work I get over 20 hours of battery life, which is amazing. I also have the Surface Pro and I get around 15 hours of battery life. I can go all day using this.The second thing I found is that the batteries can only charge one at a time. I am using the Surface Pro Docking station and the main Surface battery charges first, and then once it reaches 100 percent, then the Power Cover will start to charge. The benefit I have found is that most of the time I do not drain the Power Cover all the way and I only have to charge the Power Cover.The third thing I found was that the Power Cover will only charge when the Surface is turned on. There was two days in which I just attached the Surface Pro 2 to the docking station to charge without turning on the Surface tablet overnight. The Surface Pro 2 battery charged, but the Power Cover did not charge. As soon as I turned on the tablet (while attached to the docking station), the keyboard started charging. This was a surprise to me. While it is not an inconvenient for me (my docking station is setup to use any Cover keyboard) it is important to know if you want to have it charge completely over night for the next day, otherwise the next power that you need will not be there.The fourth thing I found was that the Power Cover battery would be used before the Surface battery. (They first day I used the Power Cover, I did not seen that because I think the Power Cover got disconnected during transportation and the batteries where reading different percentages.) It was after the first day that I started to do testing by making note of what causes what. Since then every time I use the Power Cover and Surface Pro 2, the Power Cover battery is used first.The fifth thing that I found out, which was the first question I had about the Power Cover (Ironically) was if the Power Cover battery would work if the flipped over the back. I use the Surface Pro 2 and the pen to hand write notes in the One Note App all day long, and I have the keyboard flipped over the back a majority of the time. There is great news here; yes, the battery in the Power Cover is used first, even when it is flipped over to the back and the keys are inactive.While the Power Cover is heavier and thicker, the extra battery life is worth it. I have the Type Cover 1 and 2, and Touch Cover 1 and 2. The Power Cover is just like the Type Cover 2 with the same keys and track pad. However, it is twice as thick and heavier. It is different from the Type Cover 1, just so everyone knows. The keys and mouse track pad has a different feel. (In my personal option, I like the Type Cover 2 keys better, and it hides the smudges from the fingers and palms better. There are some reviews about how the Power Cover does not have backlit keys; all I will say is that when the Power Cover was first shown at the Surface 2 unveiling, the information was given that it would NOT be backlit, so I was not even considering that as an issue. (I do know that not everyone can have multiple covers like I have, so all I can say is pick the cover that has the feature that is the most important to you, more power or backlit keys).On another note, the thickness of the Power Cover makes typing on it feel easier. With the cover thicker, the keyboard feels more stable and solid. (I did not even think about this as a possible feature). I also am using the Incipio Sleeve and yes, I can get the Surface Pro 2 and Power Cover into it relatively easily. This was another question I had because it was snug with just the Surface Pro 2 and Type Cover 2. Since I have been using the sleeve a lot, it is becoming easier to slide in and out of over time. I was worried that I would have to get another sleeve. (I am glad I do not).I hope this review helps with possible questions you may have while looking into which Type or Touch Cover to get for your Surface Tablet. Each cover has a unique feature, and that is what you should choose when picking the right one. I have been very fortunate to have all the different covers. For me, being able to go over 20 hours on my Surface Pro 2 on one charge is by far the most important feature for me. However, the time that I do use the keyboard at night, the backlit feature is very nice; I just do not type that often in a dark area. As far as lightweight, the Touch Cover is the great, but it will take time to get proficient with it. If you do get a chance to test them out at the store, I would highly, highly recommend that first. They are not cheap and it is important to pick the right one.Good luck with picking the right cover and if you get the Power Cover, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Date published: 2014-03-24
Rated 5 out of5 by fromAwesome KeyboardI was so excited to get my power cover yesterday morning!Here is my first-hand experience.1. Battery: After the full charge, the Battery of my power cover can last three and half hour when I used 50% brightness with WIFI open and Bluetooth connected with my mouse. Also, several apps like mails, OneNote and IE browsers were open as background. The battery was decent and it was as strong as claimed by MS. I noticed that both battery of power cover and surface are charged together once you plugged in, and the battery of surface was not used until the power cover was used up.2. Keyboard: the keyboard buttons were smooth and responsive. It have been great experience to type using it! The locations of the buttons were slightly different from the standard keyboard. So, a little bit learning curve for the new user to be familiar with these button locations. It just took me couple of hours to get familiar with it and I was typing this review using using this power cover3. Touch pad: my major complaint would be touch pad. The right and left click buttons were NOT PHYSICAL button. They had the pretty much same color as the touch pad background. So, when you want to right click something, you have to look down to see where these buttons were. Also, these buttons were very narrow down the touch pad. But it will be better if you get familiar with those locations. Another problem was that the touch pad was not responsive to the two finger gestures like going down or up the page. Well, I have been using the Arc mouse and it was not a big problem for me tough4. The power cover was not backlighted and if you think this is important, you may wanna consider type cover. Overall I was happy with this case because of that extra battery and awesome mechanic keyboard.
Date published: 2014-03-22
Rated 5 out of5 by fromAs expectedFeels like my original Type cover and extends my original Surface Pro's life until Surface III or mini is released. Knew it wasn't backlit ahead of time so that was no surprise. Compared to a plan $129 Type cover- it's just a $79 battery with a better touchpad. Good purchase if it lasts.
Date published: 2014-03-21
Rated 4 out of5 by from"Must Have" Accessory for First Gen Surface Pro. "I've owned the original Surface Pro 128 since the product launch. In a little over year, I've seen Windows 8 improve considerably. The Surface Pro was not much fun to use prior to Windows 8.1, but the one thing the operating system update couldn't fix was the slim battery life. About 5 hours was the upper limit, even in Power Saver mode. Not great for anytime a power plug isn't nearby, which made the device less than mobile. Enter the Power Cover.Six months after it was announced the device is finally here. Is it worth it? The Power Cover is not perfect, but it is a viable option for external battery power which doubles as a keyboard and screen cover. It is thicker than the other covers, but thinner and easier to transport than an external power bank. The user experience and feel of the materials are about the same between this and the Type Cover 2. The touchpad and touch buttons on the case will take some getting used to if switching from the original type cover, but are adequately responsive for every day use. The key question to ask when considering a purchase is really how much the extended battery power is needed.Pros:- Built in battery. I had been using the Intocircuit® Power Castle PC26000 with a custom magnetic power adapter for an external battery.- It has the type-cover style keys on it. They are substantial and very responsive. There is no delay in the typing.- The power cover can be folded back behind the Surface tablet and puts the device to sleep when folded over the screen like the touch and type covers.Cons:- The power cover is twice as thick as the type cover, which was already thicker than the touch cover- They keys are not backlit. Oddly, the Caps Lock key does have a white dot in the upper right that lights up when Caps Lock is on.- The power cover is much heavier than its sister covers in the Surface line. The combined weight of the power cover and original Surface Pro is over three pounds.Tips and Tricks:- The magnetic connection between the keyboard and tablet may not seat properly right away. Take a look at how flush the new keyboard border is against the bottom of the surface tablet for a reference point.- Check the power meter for a second battery or see if "ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" is available to be ejected to confirm the keyboard is fully connected. Both features can be found in the Windows task bar.- The case hinge is stiff and may not want to bend all the way back at first. Once the hinge flap is broken in, there should be no issues using the Surface as a tablet without the need to disconnect the new keyboard.- The Power Cover does not cause the Surface tablet to display any messages upon connecting it for the first time. It either works or it doesn't, and there is a firmware update required for the power cover to function.- Microsoft released the Power Cover specific update on 3/11/14.For original Surface Pro users, an external battery is close to essential if taken on the go. The Surface Power Cover is a convenient option since it is seamlessly integrated into device layout and can be used while the unit is seated in the Surface Pro Docking Station. For 2nd Gen Surface Pros with the Haswell processor, it is less critical but still a nice to have.
Date published: 2014-03-22
Rated 4 out of5 by from66% more battery lifeQuick update... fully charged both original Surface Pro and keyboard, then fully drained keyboard, then removed and plugged back into fully charged Surface Pro -- total battery capacity went from 100% to 60%, so this batter increased total capacity 66% (40/60=66%), which on original Surface Pro buys you 7-8 hours with full screen brightness (depending on usage).
Date published: 2014-03-22
Rated 4 out of5 by fromThe battery life is amazingI bought this a day after I bought my Surface 2 Pro, not because the touch keyboard was bad but because I missed having a keyboard, not to mention without a keyboard it's pretty hard to game, although until now I had just been using xpadder + x360 controller.I went from having around 4-6 hour battery life to a 16-24 (if everything is being utilized 100% then I usually get below 10 hours) hour one (at one point I got it to last up to 48 hours but that was an extreme attempt, I had disabled as much as possible, put brightness down to the absolute minimum, everything economy mode/power saving option was active and on. (Still though! 48 hours!)The keyboard took me two days to get used to completely (back to not having to look down at the keys, missing keys or losing my orientation around the keyboard.) the *ONLY* issue I have is with the trackpad, I have no idea who's idea it was to make the trackpad the same material as the rest of the keyboard (excluding the actual keys, the entire keyboard is in this suede material and--although the trackpad is outlined with a slightly shiny material--you are rarely able to see the trackpad ever, in a well lit room it will be slightly visible, and in a dim room you will likely not see it at all, from any normal typing position. The fact that the left and right mouse "buttons" are just areas on the trackpad with outlines around them to make them look like buttons but are in fact just part of the trackpad surface (a section) which if you tap on it--will perform the function of the left or right mouse click. So again, if you close your eyes and try to use your finger (relying on only one sense (touch/feel)) you will not be able to orient yourself. Everytime I'm going to use the trackpad I actually have to look at it, and where my finger is, to orient myself and be able to use it with precision. (so I basically use the touchscreen even when my hand is mere centimeters from the keyboard's trackpad.)The trackpad removed one star by itself, the battery life added one by itself, and even though I would have loved a backlit variant (of this keyboard) the battery life is just too good to allow me to take away another star from this product. Seriously, even though it isn't backlit, and the trackpad is bad. Buy it. The keyboard is pleasant to type on (just slightly compact so you'll need to adjust to it--at least I had to, it took roughly 2 days, not a *conscious* effort though.) and the battery life will open up so many possibilities in the real world. Like being able to program while I'm out and about with my girlfriend and her family, we go across the country to meet my mom's side of the family and her parents family. Driving across country being far from an outlet and with the car's charger port being used for other things, it means I'm relying on hotel rooms and restaurants/stores/etc with outlets. Now however, I can sit on construct 2 while listening to jazz, writing down ideas on Onenote while syncing old notes from Evernote--and tweeting mindless statuses in 140 characters or less--all while knowing my battery life can last me until the next, next hotel room! I haven't been this relaxed on a trip for a long time.
Date published: 2015-03-15
Rated 4 out of5 by fromAlmost perfect.Everything is wonderful about this thing other than the fact there is no variant with back-lit keys :( A very important feature in a keyboard as a lot of us like that night-time orientation. As easy as it may be to follow a keyboard without looking, these surface pads are something new, and it's just not the same.Also.. I want one for the Surface Pro 3 now too. So overall I guess I still have to recommend it for those with older devices. It was useful to the very last moment, and now it's too small for my newer device.
Date published: 2014-08-02
Rated 4 out of5 by fromGreat AccessoryThe Power Cover works great with my Surface 2. It's a nice added accessory. The only down side of it is the weight. I think it weights more than the surface itself.
Date published: 2014-05-09
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