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  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria PC Game


Unlock the mysteries of the lost continent and discover the dark secrets of Pandaria's past.
Unlock the mysteries of the lost continent and discover the dark secrets of Pandaria's past.




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Unlock the mysteries of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria, the fourth expansion for World of Warcraft, unveils an entirely new continent to explore and reintroduces the enigmatic Pandaren as a playable race. All but the bravest Pandaren explorers have been hidden from the world for thousands of years. Now, in the aftermath of the Cataclysm, Pandaria’s wandering heroes are stepping forward to declare their allegiance to either the Alliance or the Horde.

Mists of Pandaria also introduces an exciting new player class: the monk. Pandaren masters share the extraordinary secrets of their ancient martial arts with members of both the Alliance and the Horde. Depending on how they choose to channel their energy, monks can be effective at dealing damage, tanking, or healing.

New content and features await as you journey to the new level cap of 90, including flexible scenarios for smaller bands of adventurers, challenge modes for fearless dungeoneers, and strategic companion pet battles.


Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence

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Side with the Alliance or the Horde

Experience a unique starting zone, the Wandering Isle, as a Pandaren, World of Warcraft's first neutral playable race.

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New playable class: The monk

Unlock the secrets of Pandaren martial arts to do battle as a damage dealer, healer, or tank.

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Explore Pandaren

Travel the lush Jade Forest, treacherous Kun-Lai Summit, and other exotic new zones of an all-new continent designed for high-level characters.

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New multiplayer challenges

Join up with some friends to achieve a common goal, such as mounting a defense against invading monsters, in a flexible new type of PvE challenge.

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New dungeon mode

Master the ultimate five-player time trial and earn prestige rewards in a new dungeon mode that will put your resolve and coordination to the test.

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Companion pet battles

Challenge other players’ companion pets with your own collection in a new tactical mini-game—level up your companions and discover pets in the wild to round out your menagerie.

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New level cap

Level up to 90 as you learn potent new spells and abilities while exploring uncharted zones and taking on challenging new content.

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Customize your character's skill set

Specialize to suit your play style with the newly overhauled and improved talent system.

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