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Welcome to your new Windows PC

As you get up and running we wanted to share some tips and draw your attention to some new Windows features.

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It's all about the apps

All your favorite apps from Windows Store are just a click away. You can go directly to the Windows Store from your Start screen by clicking the Windows Store icon. Shop our ever-expanding catalog of apps in a variety of categories ranging from games to books, to news, to pretty much anything you might ever need. Purchase and downloading is a breeze.

Windows Defender: Anti-virus built-in and ready to go

Your new PC with Signature comes with a fully activated, ready-to-go anti-virus program called Windows Defender. To access your anti-virus protection type Windows Defender in the Windows Start screen. This program is always on and working to keep your new PC protected. Best of all, unlike competing anti-virus software, Windows Defender never expires and continuously updates itself for free so that your PC is better able to withstand a majority of the latest cyber-threats.

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quickly setup your email

Quickly set up your email

Chances are, one of the first things you'll want to setup is your email. If you have configured your new PC with a Microsoft account, then your email associated with your account is automatically setup. Dont'have a Microsoft account? Not to worry. Setting up your email from Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, Google, AOL, Yahoo and others is simple. Just click on the mail app on the Start screen and add your accounts. It's that easy.

Personalize with your own wallpaper

Windows 8.1 now lets you not only customize the desktop with your favorite picture, but you can now also customize the Start screen with the same picture too! This makes for a fun transition from the Start screen to the Windows desktop and back! It's simple to set:

  1. Open Windows desktop and find your favorite photo. Right-click on the picture and set it as your wallpaper
  2. Go to the Windows Start screen and open the Windows charms (Press the Windows key on your keyboard and press C at the same time) or moveyour mouse to the top right of the screen to bring up the charms.
  3. Select Settings and then Personalize
  4. You will see your wallpaper that you set for your desktop as one of the options.

Select it and you'll immediately see the Start screen customized to the same wallpaper! Enjoy!

desktop wall paper
OneDrive for all your devices

Access your files from anywhere with OneDrive

With OneDrive you can store and access your photos, documents, and other important files no matter where you are. Your Windows 8.1 PC comes with 7GB of free OneDrive storage. If that's not enough, you can purchase up to 200GB of additional OneDrive storage.

Get the most out of the Windows 8 Start button

When you right-click on the Start button, you can quick access commonly used Windows 8.1 dektop tasks such as restarting your PC, searching for files, launching the Control panel and more.

windows 8 start screen
switching apps in windows

Switching apps in Windows

Alt+Tab: Bring up a window enabling you to cycle through all the apps running.

Windows + Tab: Brings up a sidebar on the left side of the screen enabling you to select between Windows modern apps and the desktop (if it is running).

Move cursor to top-left-of-screen: to see a sidebar on the left side of the screen to select your running apps.

Boot up directly to your desktop

Windows 8.1 makes it easy for those who want to forgo the Start page and boot their PC directly to the desktop. Here's how:

  1. Go to the desktop
  2. Right-mouse click on the task bar and select properties
  3. Select the Navigation tab
  4. In the Start screen section, select the option, "When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start"
  5. Now every time you start your computer, you will now start at the desktop
boot up directly to your desktop
pin any app to your Start screen

Pin any app to your Start screen

Here's how to pin your favorite app to the Start screen for quick access.

  1. From Start screen, swipe up from lower edge or click the small down arrow in lower left corner. That will display the Apps screen.
  2. Highlight the app you want to pin. To highlight multiple apps, hold the Control key while clicking.
  3. Right click the highlighted app(s) or hold down the pointer for a second.
  4. Select "Pin to Start"

Transferring data with Windows Easy Transfer

Getting the data from your old machine to your new PC is only a matter of a few clicks.

To start the process from:

-Windows 8 or Windows RT, type Transfer from the Start screen.

-Windows 7, type Transfer into the search window from the Start Menu.

From Windows XP or Windows Vista, download Windows Easy Transfer from:

Next, choose a method for transferring items to your new computer and follow the screens based on the method you selected.

Run Windows Easy Transfer from your new PC

transfer data with Windows Easy Transfer
push button reset

Push button Reset

Should you experience a technical glitch of some sort, you can quickly reset your PC. To reset your PC type "Recovery" in Search. Open the Recovery app and select the best option that will address your issue.

answer desk

Answer Desk

Whether you need help with Windows, Office, or you've got an issue with your PC, our trained experts have the answers you need. Any answer Tech will be happy to give you friendly, expert help - with no tech talk.

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