Unlocked phones

Unlocked Phones

Unlocked Windows phones give you the features and functionality you want, plus the option to use the carrier of your choice. Just like our other phones, when you buy an unlocked Windows phone you'll get:

• A Stunning Display: Whether you choose a phone with a standard, VGA, or HD IPS display, you'll get a gorgeous view of all your favorite content. Boasting deep blacks, rich colors and incredibly sharp images, plus a sensitive, responsive touch screen, our unlocked phones allow you to see – and navigate – content in a whole new way.

• Xbox Live: Get in the game virtually anywhere. With fast, simple access to Xbox Live, our unlocked Windows phones give you the power to play your favorite game (or keep your kids entertained) at home and on the go.

• High-Resolution Cameras: With front- and rear-facing cameras designed to clearly capture life's most memorable moments, getting the perfect shot is simple.

• Windows 8.1 (or Windows 8.1 ready): An unlocked Windows phone with the Windows 8.1 operating system (or access to it) gives you the ability to personalize your phone to meet your unique needs. By using Cortana, your personal smartphone assistant, you can choose to receive reminders and get recommendations that help you stay on track and on schedule. And with the option to pin important items to your Start screen, you can get fast, easy access to the features you use most – like notifications, email, text messaging and more. Plus, with a range popular pre-installed apps and access to the Windows Phone Store, you can add even more functionality to your go-to mobile device.

Even though unlocked phones aren't associated with a carrier, it's important to note that they will only work on GSM cellular networks using SIM cards provided by a carrier.