Keyboards, mice + styluses

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At Microsoft, we have everything you need to work and play efficiently, including a variety of computer keyboards and mice. With a range of styles, designs, and patterns, our computer mice and keyboards boast different features. Browse our selection today and see what Microsoft has in store.

Enhance your PC experience, whether you have a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Our computer mice deliver a comfortable fit that enable you to browse, scroll, and select to your heart's content. We even have ergonomic mice to maximize wrist comfort for those who need it.

Get wireless mice for even more convenience and technology that lets you mouse on almost any surface. That means you can work well, whether at home or on the go. Express your personal style and match your office décor with a variety of colors and graphics. If you're into gaming, check out our gaming mice, specifically designed to help you beat the next level on your shooter, sports, sim, and racing games. Get more precision and control when you browse our selection of computer mice.

Also discover a variety of computer keyboards, each one designed with you in mind. Experience the convenience of portability when you browse our collection of wireless keyboards – some of which also include a folio-style tablet case with stylus holder. Now it's easier than ever to take your work on the go.

If you've got ergonomic needs, we have you covered at Microsoft. Check out our curved keyboards, or split keyboards with a zero-degree slope to minimize keyboard height, thereby taking the pressure off your wrists. Also, find Bluetooth keyboards that connect with your tablet and transform it into a functional PC wherever you are. Get gaming keyboards that power up your PC and help you to win the next battle or match.

In addition to computer keyboards and mice, find other PC accessories at Microsoft, including styluses for tablets, palm pads, connectible touchpads, foot switches, and more. Choose from these and other accessories and start your next adventure today.