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This powerful diagramming platform features a set of built-in stencils to help you create easy-to-understand diagrams, including flowcharts, organization charts, stencils for business, and more. Customize each stencil according to your individual needs and purposes. Then, use your Windows 10 tablet to create, review, and edit diagrams using your touchscreen.

In Visio, each shape represents something different. Easily replace any shape without the need to redo shape connections, shape metadata, or overall layout – in other words, save time! The latest version of Visio features improved spacing, alignment, and sizing guides. In addition, Visio Standard allows you to import pictures in bulk from your Exchange directory or individual files. These pictures are then cropped to fit the designated shape for an org chart or other diagram.

Visio Professional takes your diagramming abilities one step further, making it easy to create professional diagrams with colleagues and clients. Also experience easy sharing thanks to this version of Visio, which doesn't require the recipient to have the program to view the diagram. Visio Professional works in tandem with Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 to create and publish Sharepoint workflows visually. Not only that, but you can easily solicit feedback on your diagrams and act on that feedback should you choose.

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