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For those who love to compose a song but don't know how to write music, Songsmith helps you create songs using just your voice.

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Office 365: Get the work and home software that makes it easy to create documents, develop presentations, send and receive email, take notes and much more. With Office 365 it's all at your fingertips.

Visual Studio 2017: Choose the right software solution for your organisation. Versions are available for teams of all sizes, including individual developers. Visual Studio 2017 is a fully-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for Android, iOS, Windows, web and cloud. Design, build, and manage complex enterprise applications, share code, prioritise and track work, and ship software for any language in a single package. In addition, it can help your teams collaborate more effectively, and catch and correct quality issues early. Debug, test, collaborate, customise and more with Visual Studio 2017.

Project: With Project Professional 2016 and Project Standard 2016 software, you can seamlessly manage tasks, schedules and costs, create reports and help ensure that processes and expectations are clear across your teams. And because it's designed to work with other Microsoft apps and cloud services, it's easy to integrate it into your current system. In addition, Project Professional 2016 can be used as a standalone product or it can be connected to a server.

Visio: Synthesize and share complex data in a simple, streamlined format. By allowing you to create and share data-linked diagrams, Visio software can help you explain data quickly, easily and clearly.

Microsoft Store delivers the latest software programs for home and work. From Office 365 to Visual Studio 2017, Project to Visio, our innovative software gives you incredible functionality and security, so you can do more.