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When it comes to developer software, Microsoft delivers exactly what every developer needs. Discover different suites of Visual Studio which helps you to build applications across multiple platforms. Depending on the suite you select, you can work in a unified IDE to create solutions for the web, desktop, cloud, server, and phone; examine and refine code quality; provision and manage virtual lab environments for testing; use project management tools to coordinate your team; and much more.

SQL Server is another developer software package that enhances performance for mission-critical applications. Microsoft carries several developer software editions of SQL Server, so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs.

In addition to getting the developer software and developer tools you need to excel at what you do, we help to connect you with other developers through our Microsoft Developer Network. Here, you can find a variety of resources, including those that allow you to take advantage of special Microsoft offers and discounts, access featured platforms and tools, participate in developer-specific events, learn from the knowledge of others through our developer forums, and much more.

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