Feature improved
Feature included
Services Office 365 Home
Premium and Office
2013 client
Office 2010 Office 2007
Office on multiple devices Install Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs and on
select mobile devices1
Personalised experience Applications, custom settings, and documents
accessible when you need them
Office on demand Even if you're away from your PC, stream a full-featured
Office application to any Internet-connected PC3
Skype world minutes Stay in touch with 60 minutes of Skype calls
each month to phones in 40+ countries4
Easy annual subscription Ongoing access to upgrades, installation on multiple
devices, and Office on Demand services2
SkyDrive Save documents online to your SkyDrive by default for easy access from virtually anywhere    
Optimised for touch and pen Using your finger or a pen is just as easy as using a keyboard or mouse    
Word features Office 2013 Client Office 2010 Office 2007
PDF reflow Open PDF documents in Word to create your own great-looking Word documents    
Live layout Drag an image through your Word document and the text reflows in real time    
Reply comment Reply directly to comments in place and see threaded conversations right next to the text    
Excel features Office 2013 Client Office 2010 Office 2007
Flash fill Easily reformat, rearrange and extract information from imported data    
Quick analysis Apply quick formatting using pivot tables, conditional formatting, and Sparklines    
Recommended charts Preview the charts recommended as best for your data, then pick the one you want    
PowerPoint features Office 2013 Client Office 2010 Office 2007
Slide zoom Zoom in on a slide to draw attention to a specific chart or graphic    
Slide navigator Visually navigate slides while your audience only sees the slide you're presenting    
Merge shapes Create custom shapes and graphics with tools to combine, fragment, interact, or subtract any two shapes  
OneNote features Office 2013 Client Office 2010 Office 2007
OneNote Turn your tablet into a powerful note-taking machine that takes full advantage of Windows 8 features    
Inking Draw, erase, and edit and convert your digital handwriting into text
In sync Sync with SkyDrive so you always have your most recent notes on all your devices
Outlook features Office 2013 Client Office 2010 Office 2007
Peeks Peek at your list, appointments, or contacts without moving screens or losing context    
Inline reply Reply to email in one click and check quick replies off your list
Social connection See updates for LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks right in Outlook With download
Publisher features Office 2013 Client Office 2010 Office 2007
Swap pictures Import all your images onto a single canvas and easily swap them in and out    
Online picture Search your albums on Facebook and other services, and add to your layout
Mail merge Personalize your newsletters, cards, and emails with custom photos and links
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