Microsoft Signature Professional Terms & Conditions

The Microsoft Store (“Microsoft” or “we”) offers the Microsoft Signature Professional services (the “Services,” “Program” or “Membership”) to eligible businesses (“you,” “your” or “member”) on the following Program Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”). By purchasing and taking advantage of these Services, including if and when you renew your Membership or add additional PCs to your Membership, you agree that the following Terms will apply to those Services.

Program Terms & Conditions

Membership Details

The Services are a one year in-store membership service for your business that begins on the date of purchase and ends one year later (the "Membership Term"). You may renew your Membership for an additional year by paying the then-current Membership price. Your Membership will automatically expire at the end of the Membership Term if not renewed.

The entry level Membership price allows you to register up to five eligible PCs in the Program in connection with your Membership. You may also register and add additional eligible PCs to your Membership during your Membership Term by paying an additional fee per each such PC (the "Membership Expansion Fee"). The Membership Expansion Fee is in addition to the entry level Membership price. The Membership Expansion Fee may be prorated at our discretion based upon the date on which the PC is added.

If you upgrade your company's technology during your Membership Term and want to replace a PC registered in the Program with a different PC (the "Replacement PC"), you may do so. You will be entitled to continued (but no new or additional) Membership benefits if you replace a registered PC. For example, if the Replacement PC already has Microsoft Signature installed, you will be eligible for technical phone support and entitled to apply any yet unused PC Tune Ups to the Replacement PC, but will not be eligible for Signature Upgrade or Data Transfer and Device Set Up for the Replacement PC. Similarly, as of the date of replacement, you will not be entitled to any continued benefits for the PC that is removed from your Membership.

What's Included

The Program offers you access to each of the benefits summarized below. To receive the Program benefits of Microsoft Signature, Data Transfer, Device Set Up and Technical Phone Support, however, each of your registered PCs must have Microsoft Signature installed and running.

  1. Microsoft Signature Upgrade. Microsoft Signature Upgrade will help ensure your PC is performing at its peak. Microsoft Signature Upgrade is available for eligible PCs registered in the Program. In order to be eligible for the Microsoft Signature Upgrade, your PC must have Windows 7 installed and meet certain operating system requirements, including at least 32 GB of available hard drive space. We can confirm that your PC is eligible before performing the Microsoft Signature Upgrade. Your use of Microsoft Signature is governed by the license agreements for the products comprising Microsoft Signature. The license agreements and a list of the programs comprising Microsoft Signature can be found at //
  2. Data Transfer and Device Set Up. Data Transfer and Device Set Up requires Microsoft Signature to be installed and running and includes:
    • Transferring your data as specified by you and agreed to by us at the time of the Microsoft Signature Upgrade and/or Device Set Up. The Data Transfer service does not include the transfer of software, programs or specific Windows settings. Please note that there is a potential for data loss in connection with any data transfer and we strongly recommend that you take appropriate steps to protect or back up your data before the data transfer; and
    • Email and device set up for one mobile phone per registered PC. This includes connecting existing and active email accounts to the PC or mobile phone. You must be present to log in and provide passwords during the account set up process.
  3. Technical Phone Support. Once Microsoft Signature is installed and running you can receive technical phone support. You can call us toll free at 1-866-425-6760 (or other phone number we may designate) during the following hours for technical support questions related to your registered PCs: Monday thru Friday from 5 a.m. until 10 p.m. and Saturday thru Sunday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time). For faster service, please have your company name and PC serial number available when calling the support number. Our technical phone support experts will have the ability to remotely access your PC, provided that you agree to the remote access service terms and there are no software, hardware or other limitations that prevent our technical support experts from providing this service. Technical phone support does not include PC or software repair issues, virus, malware, or Trojan removal, data backup, training or training services, software install or removal or Windows Server, SQL Server or domain network issues unless specifically included in the offer terms. We provide no representation, warranty or promise that our technical phone support experts will be able to resolve your issue. If we cannot resolve your technical support question, you may be directed to the Microsoft Store for in-store service on your PC for an additional fee.
  4. PC Loaner Program. You and your employees will be eligible to participate in our PC Loaner Program if one of your registered PCs requires repairs or other service at the Microsoft Store that will take more than 24 hours to complete. The PC Loaner Program enables you to borrow a PC from Microsoft Store (the "Loaner PC") subject to availability. Loaner PCs will be made available for the period of time that begins when you deliver a registered PC to the Microsoft Store for repair or service and ends when Microsoft Store notifies you that the registered PC is ready for pick up (the "Loaner Period"). Each Loaner PC is a Microsoft Signature PC and will include basic Microsoft productivity software that you may use solely in connection with the PC Loaner Program, subject to the software license terms and PC Loaner Program terms provided at the time the Loaner PC is borrowed. You are responsible for all Loaner PCs being returned in the same condition as they were prior to being borrowed.
  5. PC Maintenance. You will be eligible for up to four in-store PC Tune Ups per registered PC per Membership Term. PC Tune Ups may include disabling unnecessary services and applications, running a disk cleanup, removing temporary internet files, installing any Windows updates and defragmenting your hard drive. In addition, you will be eligible for up to one Virus and Spyware Removal service per registered PC per Membership Term.
  6. Dedicated Business Advisor. You will have access to a dedicated business advisor on our staff for one-on-one in-store business consultations and support related to technology and software purchases for your business.
  7. Free Software Installation. You will be eligible for free in-store installation of software purchased at the Microsoft Store on PCs registered with your Membership, including any related software updates.
  8. 10% Software Discount. You will be eligible for a 10% software discount on Microsoft software when you purchase five or more Microsoft software products in any single transaction during the Membership Term for use in your business.
  9. Business Group Training. Your Membership includes six 1-hour Business Group Training Sessions ("Training Sessions") that may be scheduled at a mutually convenient time during your Membership Term. Training Sessions are only offered for your then current employees. All Training Sessions will be held in-store. Training Sessions must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of the Training Session date and are offered on a space, time and trainer available basis not to exceed one Training Session in any single week. The number of employees that may attend a Training Session will depend upon topic and store capacity. Each Training Session topic must be chosen in advance from a list of available choices.
  10. Training Sessions expire and no credit will be given if not used within the Membership Term. We may cancel your Training Session if you are late. Each scheduled Training Session will count towards your annual Training Session allowance even if you are late, do not show up for your session, or fail to cancel the session within 24 hours before the scheduled time by contacting the Microsoft Store. Microsoft reserves the right to change or cancel, at any time, the date or time of any Training Session. Microsoft makes no guarantee that a particular trainer will be available to provide training on a given day. Please note that we provide Training Sessions to you for informational purposes only. We make no promise, representation or warranty as to the training whatsoever, including that the training will have any effect on your business. You are solely responsible for determining whether the information provided during Training Sessions is applicable to your business and whether and how to use or otherwise rely upon such information.

Scheduling Microsoft Signature Professional Services

Because all Services are delivered in your local Microsoft Store on a time and space available basis, you must schedule your Microsoft Signature Upgrade, Data Transfer, Device Set Up, Software Installation, PC Tune Ups and other PC-related services in advance by calling your local Microsoft Store or making an appointment using the scheduling tool on our website at // All training Sessions should be scheduled in advance by calling your local Microsoft Store directly.

Responsibility for Your Employees

The Program is offered to you as a business customer. If you authorize or otherwise enable your employees to use or access your Membership benefits, you agree that you are responsible for and liable to Microsoft for such employee's actions or inactions, including damage to or loss of any Microsoft property. You also agree to indemnify, defend and hold Microsoft harmless from any and all claims, actions, demands, proceedings, damages, costs and liabilities of any kind related to your employee's use of and access to your Membership benefits. You further agree and understand that Microsoft may need to collect, process and use your and your employee's data in connection with the Services offerings. Microsoft will protect such information in the normal course of business according to the Microsoft privacy statement available at


We want you to be satisfied with the Program and will accept returns of your Membership fee (including any Membership Expansion Fees) at any time during the Membership Term. The amount of the refund will be equal to any Membership fees paid by you less the current standalone price for each individual service included in the Membership (for example, PC Tune Up, Business Group Training, Signature Upgrade and Software Install) that you consumed during the Membership Term. Except as specifically varied by these terms, all other provisions of our normal return and refund policies will apply to your Membership.

Microsoft reserves the right to modify, amend, cancel or otherwise change the Program at any time, for any reason and without notice to you.

Other Terms and Conditions That Will Apply to Services Included in Your Membership

In addition to these Terms, the Services will be governed by the Microsoft Store In-Store Services Terms and Conditions. Please ask a store associate for a copy of the In-Store Services Terms and Conditions if you would like to review them. They are also available online at: //

For PC-related services, such as Signature Upgrade, Device Set Up, Data Transfer, PC Maintenance, PC Tune Up and PC Loaner, you will be asked to sign a Work Authorization Form (and possibly one or more addendums depending upon the nature of the service) at the time of the PC-related service and agree to additional Terms and Conditions. Please ask a store associate for a copy of the Work Authorization if you would like to review it. The current version of the Work Authorization is also available online at: //

Last updated March 2011

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