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Get the latest server and IT software from Microsoft. From server software that delivers basic data management to advanced security software, we have it all. Browse our selection of products and see what Microsoft has in store.

Explore our suite of server and IT software and discover the perfect package to enhance your business. We carry several editions of server software that will fit any budget, whether small or large. Find the tools you need to build any kind of application, with new insights that give you access to an interactive browser-based experience that allows for data exploration, visualization, and presentation.

Or, get server software that connects virtual desktops, Remote Application programs, and session-based desktops. Access remote connections from the Internet or within a corporate network. Discover a range of licensing options across our collection of IT software packages.

Other software brings you the ability to secure your data, simplify your data backup, and get disaster recovery directed to the cloud. Experience the power of small business IT software that delivers server technology in an all-in-one solution that's affordable and easy to deploy, use, and maintain.

With products from Microsoft, control access to your business data, manage your data, and establish a business intelligence platform with ease. Furthermore, help your business achieve new levels of reliability and performance with IT software that simplifies your administration, protects your communication, reduces the risk of malware and spam, and meets user demands for greater mobility. It doesn't matter whether you deploy on-premises, hosted, or a combination of both – our software can help you handle it all.

At Microsoft, we have the server and IT software your business needs to be successful. Power up the possibilities and start your search today for the perfect package. Thanks to free shipping and free returns, you can explore options from the comfort of your office. Discover all you need to find at Microsoft.