Payment + Pricing

Payment Options

You can purchase items from Microsoft Store online using PayPal, or any of the following card types, provided the card has a US billing address:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal

Microsoft Store online does not accept checks, money orders, Microsoft Retail Gift Cards, or other forms of payment. Currently Microsoft Retail Gift Cards may only be used at participating Microsoft Store retail locations. Please see the Retail Gift Card Agreement for more information.

You can purchase Office subscriptions through your bank account, provided it's a personal checking account at a branch in the U.S. You'll need the following information when you add your payment instrument:

  • Your 9-digit bank routing number (also known as the ABA code)
  • Account number
  • Name on the account


Microsoft Store online and retail location pricing

Prices, product selection, and promotions offered on the Microsoft Store website may vary at any given time from what is offered or available at Microsoft Store retail locations. Microsoft does not guarantee that a price, product or promotion offered online will also be available or honored at a retail location. Similarly, Microsoft does not guarantee that a price, product or promotion offered at a retail location will also be available or honored online.

General pricing and volume licensing options

Pricing at Microsoft Store is based on individual consumer software licenses and hardware sales.

Price matching

Microsoft Store does not have a price match guarantee and will not match the advertised prices other retailers offer for the same items.

Shopping Cart prices

Each item in your Shopping Cart is shown at the current item price. The Shopping Cart price reflects both price increases and decreases from the time you first placed the item in your cart. For pre-orders, the item price is guaranteed to not increase between the time the item is ordered and the time the item is released. For more information, see the Pre-Order Price Guarantee described below.

Pre-Order Price Guarantee

The advertised price for pre-order items may increase or decrease prior to the date the product is released to the public. However, you’ll only be charged the lowest price offered between the time you place your pre-order and the date the product is released to the public. Also, we won't charge your credit card until you download the product or we ship it to you.

The Pre-Order Price Guarantee only applies to pre-order items and prices offered on the Microsoft Store. It does not apply to items and prices advertised by other sellers, prices inclusive of taxes, shipping charges, or typographical errors. For pre-order offers based on an estimated price rather than the official price, the Pre-Order Price Guarantee only applies to, and will be based on, the official price for the item when announced.

Shipping and Tax

Shipping prices and taxes depend on when and where the item is being delivered. There are no shipping charges for software downloads, but there may be tax, depending on state and federal tax laws. You can review the total purchase price, including shipping and tax, before you complete your purchase.

Tax-exempt sales

Microsoft Store uses a three-step process to issue credits for tax-exempt sales:

  1. Purchase your item using the normal purchase process (you will be billed for tax).
  2. Submit your proof of tax-exempt status to us after the purchase is made by either of the below methods:
    1. E-MAIL SUBMISSIONS – Please e-mail a copy of your tax exempt document to
    2. FAX SUBMISSIONS should be sent to 1-425-936-7329. Please provide a copy of your tax exempt document. Please also include the following information on your fax cover sheet:
      • TO: 1-425-936-7329 Microsoft Store Tax Exempt Process
    3. After receiving proof of your tax-exempt status, we will refund your credit card for the amount of tax charged on your order. Please contact us at 1-877-696-7786 for more information.
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