Your Account

Your Account page is where you can update your account profile and address, find your subscriptions and product keys for the software you have downloaded, review your orders, and manage your payment options.

Microsoft account

To use the Account section, you need to sign in with a free Microsoft account. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you'll have the option to create one when you make an order. Read more about Microsoft accounts.

At Microsoft, we take your privacy seriously, for more details about how Microsoft protects your privacy, please see our Microsoft Online Privacy Statement.

Multiple Microsoft accounts

You can have multiple Microsoft Store accounts if you sign in with different Microsoft account credentials, but information is not shared across accounts. For example, the order history, subscriptions, and product keys purchased with one account will not be available if you sign out and sign in with a different Microsoft account.

Account profile + address

When you sign in to Microsoft Store, you’ll see the Profile page where you can update your name, email address, marketing preferences, and address information.

Contact Email

Email order confirmations and optional promotional messages are sent to your Microsoft account email address by default. However, you can change where you get order confirmations from us during the checkout process or you can edit your contact information here.

Newsletter + Special promotions

Microsoft Store periodically sends promotional emails with special offers and information about products, services, and events. To receive these messages from us, just check the “I want to receive email from Microsoft…” box under your email address information.


You can store as many addresses as you want in your Account. Then you can select the address you want to use in the checkout page when you make a purchase.

To add an address:

  1. Fill out the form in the Addresses section of the page. The required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

    First Name*The given name for the billing recipient. If the name is longer than 14 characters, just enter the first 14.
    Last Name*The family name for the billing recipient. If the name is longer than 14 characters, just enter the first 14.
    Billing address 1*The address. If the address is longer than 35 characters, enter the rest of the address in the box for Address Line 2.
    Billing address 2Optional. Maximum 35 characters.
    City*City for the address.
    Province/Territory*Select the province/territory from the drop-down list. You can type the first letter of the province/territory to go to that location in the list.
    Postal code*Enter a postal code.
    Phone*Phone number, including area code. For example, 5555555555. The phone number is required in case there are any issues with your order.
  2. Click Submit

To edit an address:

  1. Find the address you want to edit and click Edit address.
  2. In the form, edit the values you want to change
  3. Click Submit

Note: You cannot change your country/region from your Profile page. Read more about how to change your account country/region information.

Downloads, product keys and subscription

You can download your software as soon as your purchase is complete or you can download it later from the Downloads, product keys, and subscription section of your Account. To download your software:

  1. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  2. In the sign-in menu, click Downloads, product Keys, and subscriptions.
  3. Find your software purchase, then click Download.
  4. If a dialog box pops up, click Run to start the installation.

The product keys required to install your downloaded software are also listed in this section of your Account. Product keys are strings of letters and numbers that you need to provide to your software during the installation process or before you can use it.


If you’ve purchased a subscription through Microsoft Store, you can manage your subscription from the Downloads, product keys, and subscription section of your Account. From this page, you can:

  • View all subscription purchases, purchase dates, activation codes, and expiration dates for subscriptions purchased from Microsoft Store.
  • Activate a subscription by selecting Go to activation page now.
  • Renew a subscription by selecting Renew subscription.

Order history

You can easily view details of your past orders on the Order history page. From this page, you can find information about products you ordered from Microsoft Store such as the date of your order, billing address associated with each order, order number, order totals, and order status.

Payment options

You can store multiple methods of payment in your account – credit card numbers, expiration dates, and billing addresses. Then, when you are making a purchase, just select the payment option you want to use for a particular order. For security, only the last four digits of the credit card are displayed.

To add payment information:

  1. Enter your credit card number in the Card number box.
  2. Select the expiration month (MM) and year (YYYY) in the respective drop-down lists.
  3. Choose the billing address from the drop-down list. The list displays all the shipping addresses you have entered. You can also select New Address from the list to enter a new address that is not in your list of addresses.

For additional security, your Card Verification Value (CVV) number is not stored with your credit card. You provide it only when you make a purchase.

If you add a new billing address when you add payment information, that address is stored with the rest of your addresses.

To edit payment information:

  1. In the list of payment types, locate the one you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Type in new values for the information you want to edit.

To remove payment information:

  1. Sign in to with your Microsoft account (if you're not signed in already)
  2. Select Payment options, and then select the payment option you want to remove. - if for some reason you don't see your payment option listed, check the top corner of the page to make sure the correct country profile is being viewed.
  3. Click Remove
  4. Follow the prompts to transfer any subscriptions or pending balances to a new payment option, and/or confirm removal.
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