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Find the perfect mobile device for all that you do at Microsoft. With Mobile’s range of phones and accessories designed for the way you work, play, and connect, we can help you do more at home and on the go.

Discover just a few of the available mobile device features and accessories that make Mobile must-haves for just about anyone:

  • Windows 10: When you choose a mobile phone with Windows 10, you can keep your digital life in sync across all of your devices. From your apps and games, to your favorite music and most-used files and documents, you can access the things you use most on any connected, compatible device in your collection. In addition, you'll also get Cortana, a virtual personal assistant who can help you stay on schedule, find local restaurants, shops and banks, and help you remember birthdays, important appointments and more.
  • Full HD and QHD Displays: With Mobile devices featuring HD and QHD displays, you can get a phone with the same resolution as your TV at home – or even better. That means that you can watch videos, surf the web, video chat with your friends and more.
  • High-Res Cameras: With both front- and rear-facing cameras boasting a high number of megapixels (MPs), you can snap photos using your phone that rival anything you've ever taken with a traditional camera. And, you can even post them directly to your favorite social media sites using your favorite apps. If you're a fan of printed pics, you can even connect your phone to your printer and have tangible, frame-able photos in seconds.
  • Impressive Storage: With mobile phones featuring a variety of storage options, you can find the device you need to download, use, and maintain your collection of apps, music, videos, photos, files and more.
  • Window Mobile Accessories: To help you get even more from your go-to device, our collection of mobile phone accessories includes everything from cases and screen protectors, to chargers and microSD cards – so you'll have everything you need to use your phone your way.

In addition to some of the most advanced mobile phones and innovative Mobile accessories available, you'll find a wide range of PCs and tablets, and games and game systems that can help you work your way, and enjoy your downtime. Best of all, when you shop the Microsoft Store, you'll get free shipping and free returns on every item every day – making it easy to shop with confidence.