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Get fit, live healthier, stay connected and be more productive. It's all possible with the latest wearable technology. Designed to go where you do, wearables are stylish, rugged, and often multi-functional, giving you the power to track your workouts, receive texts, check your calendar and more. Best of all, with a range of devices to choose from, finding the perfect solution for the way you live is simple. Just a few of the types of wearable tech you'll find at the Microsoft Store include:

  • Fitness Trackers: Whether you're a runner, a jogger, a walker or wogger, a cyclist, weight-lifter, swimmer or yogi, with the latest trackers you can monitor your workouts and reach your goals. In addition, some of our fitness wearables allow you to monitor your heart rate, and your sleep, as well as your distance, pace, and calories burned. And for those who need to stay connected while they're crushing their workouts, some trackers come with simple, seamless access to your texts and emails, calendar, clock and even GPS -- so you can always find your way back home.
  • Sport Watches: With the look of a traditional watch but all the technology you need to amp up your workouts, our collection of sport watches puts incredible technology right at your fingertips. Boasting a range of features, these health wearables give you access to everything from integrated heart rate monitoring to your favorite playlist, your current workout and historical exercise and fitness data.
  • GoPro Cameras: Although a wearable camera won't let you track your fitness, your heart rate or stay on top of your text messages while you're out and about, it will allow you to document all of your adventures and offer incontrovertible proof that you're the daredevil/workout fiend that you know you are. Plus, with their built-in touchscreens, easy editing and seamless sharing, you can capture, edit and post videos to your own website or your favorite social media sites almost as soon as you've finished your workout.

  • When it comes to fitness, wearable technology is changing the game. By giving you the information you need, when you need it, you can track your heart rate, mileage, and pace -- and even your sleep. And with the ability to monitor your texts and emails, you can also keep up with the pace of life no matter where you are. Explore our complete collection to find the right health and fitness wearables for all you do.