Signature Edition PCs

Always at Microsoft Store

Signature Edition PCs are clean, fast and protected


Forget about any pre-installed bloatware that slows down your PC.


Signature PCs come with Windows Defender—no annual contracts and free updates. Non-Signature PCs come with trials that can cost hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your PC.

According to a 2014 Probit online quantitative study commissioned by Microsoft of 800 PC shoppers, customer prefer Signature PCs:

88% of users would buy Signature again and recommend Signature to family and friends.

95% of future PC buyers want a PC without junkware and built-in anti-virus protection.

“…costs the same but has no third-party promotional preloads.”

—The Wall Street Journal

“Whatever joy you might feel on unboxing a new PC evaporates quickly if you have to spend hours setting it up. The out-of-box experience with a Signature PC is strikingly better.”

—ZD Net

“Unless you want a new PC that’s bogged down with bloat, trialware, or other junk, take a look at Signature. It proves a significantly better experience.”


“It’s a remarkable improvement compared to the same PC I would get at some other retailer.”


“Microsoft's Signature Edition laptops deliver the 'clean PC' experience you really want”

—PC World

Behind the scenes

Take a sneak peek with Ken Fowles, Director of Microsoft Signature Lab, and hear what makes Signature great.

Every Signature Edition PC meets Windows hardware certification requirements:

Keyboard Quality

We measure and check keyboard design quality, keycap travel and usability.

Touchpad Sensitivity

We spend time hands-on with each model of touchpad to check design quality. In addition to hands-on testing, we have robotic equipment for measuring touchpad quality.

Pixel Brightness

We verify the screen resolution and brightness for every model to ensure it meets the highest standards.

Hardware component verification

If necessary, we disassemble PC models to validate the accuracy of published specifications to ensure the device meets the advertised specifications.

Other Characteristics

The Signature team checks additional areas as needed – for power, heat dissipation, sound, weight, and other design characteristics. We also measure overall PC performance.

Signature Edition PCs at Microsoft Store

Is it time for a new computer? Microsoft Store has a large diversity of Windows 10 computers, including Surface tablets, desktop computers, portable laptops and tablets, touchscreen all-in-ones, 2 in 1 PCs, and more. Pick from a curated selection of best-in-class computers, including the Surface tablet and other notable brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, ASUS, Acer, Samsung, Razer, and Toshiba. Whether you need a computer for gaming, entertainment, work, or surfing the web, the Microsoft Store has the computer with the power and performance perfect for you.

At Microsoft Store, Windows computers come in a variety of configurations. Need a processor with the power to get you through your toughest work? You’ll find many computers with powerful processors like AMD, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, and Pentium available. You can select from computers with plenty of memory so you can run multiple programs and play games will loads of graphics simultaneously without slowing down.

Every laptop sold at Microsoft Store comes with the Microsoft Signature Edition. This means that your new laptop will be lightning-fast from the moment you turn on.