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Windows Computers

Go beyond Chromebook and get a Windows PC that fits your lifestyle across work and play. An easy, affordable alternative to bulky PCs or inferior tablets. You would be surprised where a Chromebook comes up short. Unlike Chromebook, Windows laptops can run full versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and the whole Microsoft Office suite of products, making it the easy choice when you need something small and lightweight that you can tote to your next class or meeting, but still know you can squeeze in some play time with Halo or your favorite PC game if you want to.

Windows PCs give you options. They're small and lightweight, and many have a detachable keyboard for that extra portability when you need it. They're optimized to keep you connected and run your favorite apps while conserving power to maximize your battery life so you're not tethered to an outlet. With a Windows laptop in your bag, you're free to Skype your family, Photoshop your latest pics and share them with your friends, listen to iTunes, or watch a movie. Anywhere. Anytime.

Windows PCs take full advantage of the Windows operating system and your favorite productivity tools to give you versatility like a Chromebook can't. So why choose or compromise when you don't have to? If you want the best experience a computer can offer in a small package, nothing compares to a Windows laptop. Creativity, productivity, and entertainment finally come together in one place.