Why buy from the Microsoft Student Store?

Eligible* higher-education students can:

  • Save big on special Academic products from Microsoft, including Xbox LIVE, Windows, Office, and Office for Mac
  • Enjoy special offers on other great products, available only to eligible students

Frequently asked questions Expand all

Q: What is the microsoft student store? >

A: Microsoft Student Store is a program whereby eligible students can enjoy certain special discounts on software and hardware from Microsoft.

Q: What can I buy through the program? >

A: Discounted Software: Eligible students may purchase a maximum of three software licenses per 12-month period, and no more than one license per software title. In no event may a single household purchase more than a maximum of three software licenses during a 12-month period.

Discounted Hardware and Other Items: Microsoft Student Store offers that involve hardware or other non-software products may also have limits on the number of items that may be purchased per student, per household, per offer, or per period as described in the specific offer terms.

Q: Who is considered an eligible student? >

A: You must be a student at an eligible accredited educational institution geographically located in the United States and must be actively enrolled in at least 0.5 course credit hours at that educational institution and must be able to provide proof of enrollment to Microsoft or its appointed vendor upon request.

Q: How can I verify that I am an eligible student? >

A: During the checkout process, you will be asked to submit a valid email address from a U.S. higher-education institution, and/or log into our verification tool using your credentials supplied to you by your school. Most valid email addresses contain the domain suffix ".edu".

Q: The verification process failed, but I know my school email address is valid. now what? >

A: Please contact the Microsoft Student Store customer support team via email at stuver@microsoft.com. In your email message, please provide a scanned copy of one of the following:

  • Current student identification card
  • Valid school report card for the current calendar year
  • School enrollment letter confirming the current calendar year
  • Valid government-provided student bus/train (or equivalent) pass
Q: How do I buy? >
  1. Click the Add to Cart button to select the products you’d like to purchase.
  2. On the cart page, click Verify now.
  3. Enter your university/college email address to verify that you are eligible to purchase under the Program.
  4. Enter any other information that you are prompted to provide to validate your eligibility.
  5. Click Continue checkout to complete your purchase.
Q: Are academic versions of microsoft software full-featured? >

A: Academic versions of Microsoft Software offered through the Microsoft Student Store have the same functionality as non-Academic equivalent versions.

Q: Why do I need a windows live id (wlid)? >

A: Microsoft Student Store uses your WLID during verification, and to identify your Store account. On your account pages you can find your software product keys and download or re-download any downloadable software you purchase. You can use your WLID as a single account ID across many Microsoft sites. If you don’t have a WLID, you can easily create one during the checkout process.

Q: Why do I need javascript on my pc? >

A: To get verified, you must log in with your Windows Live ID. The login process requires JavaScript.

Q: How will I get my software product keys? >

A: Software product keys will be provided on the purchase confirmation page. They will also be sent to the .edu email address used to confirm eligibility and purchase the product. Software product keys are also stored in the Windows Live ID account associated with your .edu email address.

Q: Are there any terms and conditions for the program? >

The offer is only made available to eligible students under the Program Terms and Conditions.


* You must validate yourself as an Eligible Student customer in order to participate in the Program and takeadvantage of the Program offers. Subject to restrictions. See full terms and conditions.

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