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Maker Products – Tech and Programming Tools

Whether it's for you, your kids or a family project, at the Microsoft Store you can get all of the tech tools you need to design, build, and print. With cutting-edge products from innovative companies, we can help you unleash your imagination – and make something entirely new. Discover just a few of the brands, and items, available in our collection – and explore your creative side as you expand your skills.

  • Raspberry Pi: Grow your skills as a maker and a programmer, and create something you can use every day. With a Raspberry Pi touchscreen display, board and enclosure, you can build your own tablet, entertainment system, or computer. Explore our Raspberry Pi collection – and discover how powerful a credit card-sized processor can be.
  • LittleBits: Whether you want to learn to create and code your own inventions, begin prototyping your interactive models, or just help your kids experience the thrill of designing and making something on their own or alongside you, littleBits can help. Browse the newest kits from littleBits and bring your ideas to life.
  • 3D Systems: Print your designs in three stunning dimensions. With 3D Systems devices, like the Sense 3D Scanner, and Cube 3D Printer, you can produce functional, three-dimensional creations at home. Perfect for makers of every age, 3D Systems devices are powerful, fast, and simple to use. See the latest 3D Systems products, and print your designs in a whole new way.

Creators and makers of every age can find something special in our collection. From Raspberry Pi devices that allow you to grow your skills as a programmer, to littleBits kits that make it easy for kids and adults to build and code their own inventions – our innovative tech and programming tools make developing your skills fun. And with 3D printers from 3D Systems, you can bring your designs to reality as never before. Explore our complete collection of Maker products, as well as our newest virtual reality devices, PCs and tablets, and accessories – and discover new ways to see the world, work, play, and create.