The sound of Bose

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Bose Headphones and Speakers

Immerse yourself in your favorite entertainment – virtually anywhere. Bose speakers, headphones and accessories deliver innovative technology and sleek, sophisticated designs that make movies and music at home and on the go sound amazing.

From Bose headphones to the latest Bluetooth speakers for your home, your office and everywhere in between, our collection makes it easy to hear the movies, music, videos and podcasts you love in stunning clarity. And although all Bose devices are unique, every piece is innovative to its core – meaning that no matter which device you choose, you'll experience the sounds you love in a whole new way. Just a few of the available features that make this possible include:

  • • QuietComfort Technology: Select Bose headphones feature QuietComfort 25, which allows sounds from the outside world to fade into the background so you can hear your favorite music and movies in remarkable clarity.
  • • Flawless Fit: When you choose in-ear headphones from Bose, you'll get the company's proprietary cone-shaped StayHear+ tips. Designed for comfort, StayHear+ tips are soft and secure when inserted gently – for maximum comfort and excellent sound.
  • • Long-Lasting Batteries: Bose wireless headphones and Bluetooth speakers feature rechargeable batteries that give you hours of use between charges.
  • • Multi-Functional Designs: Some Bose headphones allow you to not only listen to movies and music, but also give you the ability to take calls without picking up your phone. With inline microphones and simple, seamless controls you can switch between your music and your calls without missing a beat.
  • • Bluetooth Technology: Whether you have Bose Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones, with the latest technology right at your fingertips you can stream music from all of your go-to devices wire free.

Bose Bluetooth speakers, wired and wireless headphones make getting more from the music you love simple. With premium-quality sound, noise-canceling technology, go-anywhere designs and flawless fits, they allow you to hear movies, music, videos and podcasts in stunning clarity and detail. Explore our newest collection of Bose devices, as well our newest mobile phones, PCs & tablets – and do more at home and on the go.