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Desktop Computers

Get a desktop computer that suits your space and your style. Featuring desktops in a range of configurations, and from many of the world's top-rated brands, our collection delivers power and performance in sleek, sophisticated packages. Browse our selection by type – and find a computer with the perfect blend of form and function.

  • • Stand-Alone Desktops: Featuring a traditional setup, with a monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse, these desktop computers are perfect for home offices, and are compatible with "computer" desks. They also make it easy to swap out the CPU or monitor when it's time for an upgrade, without buying an entirely new system. But although they may offer a "traditional" look, rest assured, that all of our desktops boast powerful processors, plenty of hard drive space, and the latest technology – so you can connect, work and play your way.
  • • All-in-Ones: Designed with the PC components within the monitor, and a separate keyboard and mouse, all-in-ones take up less space than a stand-alone desktop, and in some cases a laptop, but have all of the same functionality. Boasting brilliant displays in up to 4K resolutions, plus hard drive space for all of your files, lightning-fast processors and more, all-in-one computers are the perfect solution for those want a desktop, but also want to minimize their components.
  • • Micro PCs: With the same components as traditional desktop computers, but with CPUs that can easily fit in your bag, or possibly your pocket, Micro PCs deliver powerful performance and an ultra-portable design. Packed with the latest processors, important hard drive space, and plenty of ports, they allow you to plug into almost any display, and use a keyboard and mouse, then take your content with you.

Whether you love a traditional design, a compact look or need the power to take your data wherever you go, our desktop computers make it all possible. And with Microsoft Signature Edition devices, you'll get a desktop computer that's clean, fast, and protected. With no pre-installed bloatware to slow you down, plus lightning-fast speeds from startup to shut down, and Windows Defender, which gives you protection with no annual contracts and free updates, you'll get a faster and more secure desktop computer – no matter which style you choose.