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Order Computers for Schools

Give them the tools they need to succeed in school, and in life. With school computers and the latest tablets for students, you can inspire them to create, explore and study.

Curated specifically for the educational environment, our collection of school laptops, desktop computers and tablets boast a wide range of innovative features that can help your teachers and your students connect, engage, plan, and learn individually, and from each other. Just a few of the options available on our devices include:

  • • Eye-Catching Displays: With resolutions of full HD or greater, our school laptops, desktops and tablets give your students the ability to see everything they're working on clearly. Boasting rich, vibrant colors, deep blacks and cinema-quality detail, they're the perfect solution for art and design classes, labs and more.
  • • Sensitive Touchscreens: Some devices give users the ability to work on documents using a keyboard, a finger or a stylus pen. This way, users can perform tasks with the best tool for the job.
  • • Long Battery Life: Because your students may have class inside or out, laptops for schools offer the power they need to take notes, perform tasks, take tests, and study for hours on end -- no matter where they are.
  • • Advanced Operating Systems: With the most up-to-date operating systems available, students can work productively, get the most from the software they rely on, and stay abreast of the latest technology.
  • • Storage Solutions: Whether you give them cloud storage with access to virtually unlimited amounts of space, or allow them to store their homework, projects and files on their hard drives, school computers and tablets allow educational institutions to give their students access to the storage they need.

By using computers in education, schools give their students a "leg up" in learning. Designed to give them access to the latest features and functions, software and operating systems, school laptops, tablets and desktop computers make it possible to connect with students, teach in a variety of ways and meet them where they're at. Explore our full range of devices, as well as our complete educational collection -- and find the tools your students need to expand their knowledge and build their skills.