JBL headphones and speakers

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JBL Headphones and Speakers

Get legendary sound and the latest technology. With JBL headphones and speakers, you can hear every note of your favorite music in stunning clarity. Designed for the way you live – and listen – our innovative collection delivers incredible sound, simple, stylish designs and streamlined controls, for a better entertainment experience – no matter where you are.

Whether you're looking for JBL speakers, wired or wireless headphones, or comfortable earbuds, our collection gives you incredible sound and a wide range of available features, such as:

  • • PureBass Technology: Get full, undistorted bass with JBL's PureBass technology. Designed for expansive frequency response (10hz to 24KHz), PureBass delivers all the sound that was laid down in the studio.
  • • ShareMe: Share what you're listening to with your friends. JBL Bluetooth headphones featuring ShareMe technology allow you to stream music wirelessly to another ShareMe-equipped headphone.
  • • Long-Lasting Batteries: Wireless JBL speakers and headphones feature rechargeable batteries that can go hours between charges. This way, you can easily listen to your favorite movies and music during your commute, your work day, or while you're kicking back anywhere.
  • • Inline Microphones: Some JBL headphones come equipped with inline microphones – so you can not only listen to movies and music, but take calls and adjust your volume right from your cable.
  • • Bluetooth Technology: Whether you have wireless JBL speakers or headphones, with the latest Bluetooth technology you can stream music from your favorite mobile devices wire free.
  • • Comfortable Fit: Over-the-ear headphones feature soft, supple cups to cradle your ears, and the in-ear headphones come with interchangeable silicone earbuds for a custom fit you'll love.
  • • Splash-Proof/Water-Proof: Select JBL headphones and speakers are designed to withstand sweat, rain, and splashes from the pool, making it easy to enjoy your favorite music virtually anywhere.

Wireless JBL speakers, and wired and Bluetooth headphones deliver crystal-clear sound for the way you listen. With PureBass technology, long-lasting batteries, splash- and water-proof designs, and comfortable fits, they give you the power to listen when, where, and how you want. Explore our newest collection of JBL devices, as well our full range of mobile phones, PCs & tablets – and get the technology you need to enjoy your life at home and on the go.