No Contract Windows Phones

No Contract Windows Phones

Get a variety of no contract Windows Phones when you shop Microsoft today. Available across multiple carriers – including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint – there's something for everyone here. Browse our selection of no contract phones and find the perfect one for you.

Our suite of Windows no contract phones includes ideal phones for business, personal use, or both. Looking for a phone with a smaller screen for a more portable, lighter-weight option? We have just the thing. Or maybe you prefer larger screens for easier scrolling, navigation, and work. If that's the case, we have 5- and 6-inch screens that are sure to please.

Power up the possibilities with no contract Windows phones featuring stunning HD displays, high-megapixel cameras, and more. Store your videos and photos with ease thanks to storage ranging up to 32GB on some no contract phones. Get easy connectivity thanks to 4G LTE options.

Most of our Windows no contract phones come with Windows Phone 8.1, which personalizes your phone experience by providing a Start screen that's as unique as you are. With everything from a virtual personal assistant to a centralized location for all of your notifications, Windows Phone 8.1 makes your life a whole lot easier. In addition, most no contract Windows phones with Windows Phone 8.1 boast battery-saving technology, compatibility with other devices like PCs and tablets, instant shareability of photos and files, and more.

Customize your phone with fun accessories, including hard shell cases, flip covers, wallet cases, and more. With a variety of colors and designs, you can easily express your personality for the world to see. In addition, discover battery packs, car mounts, charging plates, sticker tags, and other accessories to enhance your phone experience.

Check out our full selection of no contract Windows phones and find the ideal phone to suit your lifestyle and purpose. Get started today and see what Microsoft has in store.