Security systems

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Security Systems

Protect your home -- and your family -- with the latest technology. Simple to install and simple to use, our smart home security systems give you everything you need to monitor your home even while you're away. All you have to do is install the sensors and connect them to the hub. Once complete, you can use a secure connection to check on your home, review images transmitted via your security cameras, make adjustments to your system and more.

Unlike many home security systems available, at the Microsoft Store you'll find modular systems that you can build on and change as your needs change. You can begin with a starter kit or just a hub, and create your system to meet your specific needs. Just a few of the options available in our collection include:

  • • Security Cameras: With cameras featuring up to full HD resolutions, plus available night vision, microphones, speakers and more, you can not only get a crystal-clear view of your property, but even hear what's happening.
  • • Open/Closed Sensors: When installed on doors, windows, or even cabinets that you want to protect, open/closed sensors can alert you when access to an area has been breached. In some cases, you can even choose to receive a text message or email alert about the activity.
  • • Motion Sensors: Whether you want to light the way for yourself and your family, or help light an area to deter nefarious activity, motion sensors will automatically turn lights on in a specific area once the sensor has been triggered.
  • • Sirens: Some home security systems give you the option to add an emergency siren. This will not only alert the intruder that his or her presence has been detected, but with a piercing sound, it will alert you to that fact, as well. In addition, it may disrupt your neighbors and/or others to the sound of a problem at your home.

Because protecting your home and your family is one of the most important things you can do, we offer a wide range of smart home security systems that interact with mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Designed to install easily and function seamlessly, they can provide you with added peace of mind when you're at home or on the go.