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Curved or flat? FHD, UHD or WQHD? When shopping for computer monitors you're often faced with questions that you won't intuitively know the answers to. Fortunately, with a little information, you can compare the monitors available and choose the right one for all that you do. Just a few of the things that consumers should consider when researching PC monitors include:

  • • Screen Style: Monitors with wide, flat displays are the norm – and deliver images on a smooth, even plane. They're an excellent option for virtually any use and can be coupled with other flat displays to create a wider view. Curved monitors, on the other hand, feature a subtle curved screen and offer a wider field of view – which lends a cinematic edge to your favorite videos and games, and gives you more room to work on large spreadsheets connecting it to an extra monitor.
  • • Resolution: Today's computer monitors typically come in three resolutions – full high definition (FHD), ultra-high definition (UHD) and wide quad high definition (WQHD). HD monitors deliver images in 1080p, which is the same resolution as Blu-ray discs. Meanwhile, UHD and WQHD computer monitors can deliver images at four (or more) times the resolution of full HD monitors – providing improved clarity, colors and contrast, however WQHD monitors are formatted specifically for a wide display.
  • • Functionality: Traditional PC monitors can be controlled with a keyboard or mouse, while touchscreen displays give you the added option of using your finger or a stylus to manipulate the content on the screen. Touchscreens often require more cleaning due to smudges, but do give you a similar user experience across your phone, your tablet, and your computer.
  • • Size: When considering the size of a computer monitor, the size of your space cannot be discounted. After all, if it won't suit your home, it certainly won't suit your needs. Beyond that, consider how many hours you'll be using your monitor and what type of activities you'll be using it for. If you spend hours looking at spreadsheets, creating artwork, or watching videos, a larger monitor will give you a wider, more immersive view. However, if you only use it to surf the web and manage your household, a smaller monitor will likely suit your needs.

Explore our full range of monitors, as well as the latest PC accessories – and create a space that's thoughtfully designed for all that you do.