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T-Mobile Windows Phones

A good phone is a necessity these days. Get a phone with great style when you shop T-Mobile phones at Microsoft. We've got a full selection of phones with a variety of features to enhance your phone experience. Start browsing to find your next phone today.

Begin your search by checking out our no-contract T-Mobile phones featuring a 4-inch display and 5-megapixel camera – so you can capture your favorite memories and show them off in style. They offer a great value for the price, bringing you a variety of features you'll love, including everything from free streaming audio through Nokia Music to your choice of premium apps and up to 8GB of storage.

Not only that, but some phones feature touchscreens so sensitive you can use them while wearing gloves! Get speedy advanced quad-core processors and sleek displays, the perfect combination at the right price. Also discover a variety of shell color options that are as bold as you.

At Microsoft, you can find phones designed for those who want high-end tech without the high price. Many of our T-Mobile phones come with Windows Phone 8.1, an exciting operating system sure to boost your phone experience! In fact, there's never been a smartphone system that's more personalized. Now your phone is completely compatible with your Windows PC and tablet, so you can share pictures, work, and games no matter where you are. Each T Mobile Windows phone comes with Cortana, a personal assistant that beats out Siri every time. Get a host of amazing apps for everything you could need – all with a T-Mobile Windows phone.

Discover the difference with our T-Mobile phones, all available at Microsoft – where you get free shipping and free returns. Explore your options today and come away with the perfect phone to fit your life. Shop now, and see what Microsoft has in store.