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Experience a new world of technology with phones from Microsoft. Match your phone to your personality to find the perfect fit. With a variety of Windows phones, you're sure to find the ideal phone for your needs. Start shopping today.

At Microsoft, you can find phones from top carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. It doesn't matter whether you prefer a phone with a smaller screen or a larger one – we have everything from 4-inch displays to those that are 6 inches. If you want quality photos, you'll love our selection of phones with high-megapixel cameras. In addition, get all the storage you could want, with phones ranging from 1GB all the way up to 32GB.

Discover the ultimate phone experience with the highly personalized Windows Phones from Microsoft, featuring Windows Phone 8.1 technology that brings you customizable Live Tiles that transform your Start screen, the ability to share your photos and videos by syncing up with your PC and tablet, and automatic sign-in to free Wi-Fi hotspots. Each phone's Action Center brings notifications to your attention, so you never miss an event or important message again.

Windows Phones with 8.1 also make your life easier thanks to Cortana, a personal assistant who can tell you the weather, keep your calendar organized, give you directions – and be all-around better than Siri ever could. She's even got a fun personality to boot.

From no contract phones that cost a little extra to less expensive models you can snag with a contract, find stunning phones for an affordable price. Get a phone that will let you work and play at your convenience. In addition, discover awesome phone accessories to express your personality in a simple, unique way.

Browse our selection of Windows phones, no contract phones, and more. Embrace the best in new technology, and see what Microsoft has in store.