New Windows 8.1 PCs

Windows 8.1 PCs

Discover Microsoft's suite of Windows 8.1 PCs, bringing you the latest in Windows technology. With a variety of options boasting different types of PCs – from laptops to desktops, tablets, 2-in-1 PCs, and all-in-one PCs – you can choose the Windows 8.1 PC that best fits your lifestyle and other needs.

Among other features, Windows 8.1 boasts a customizable Start screen. From here, you can access your files via OneDrive, find your next app in the Windows Store, play games or watch your favorite movies, connect with friends through Skype, work in a number of Office applications, and much more. Personalize your Start screen experience with your favorite news, social networks, custom colors and backgrounds, and one of four different sized tiles.

Since Windows 8.1 works well with a mouse and keyboard or a touchscreen, each Windows 8.1 PC gives you the ultimate Windows experience. It doesn't matter whether you select the Surface Pro 3 tablet – a powerful laptop replacement – a Dell laptop, a Lenovo 2 in 1 PC, or something else entirely. All of our Windows 8.1 PCs bring you professional built-in apps for email, contacts, photos, video editing, and more.

Each Windows 8.1 PC also gives you a simple way to keep your apps organized, allowing you to view up to three applications on the screen at once. The Windows Store is easily accessible and gives you the choice of thousands of downloadable applications to make your life more convenient, not to mention fun. In addition, all of our Windows 8.1 PCs enhance your computing ability, with enough power to do everything you need, whether for personal, student, or professional use.

Consider our variety of Windows 8.1 PC options and how each one can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Step up to new technology that will take your computer experience to the next level of personalization and ability. Begin browsing our Windows 8.1 PCs today and discover the possibilities.