3D Printing

3d Printing

Take your ideas and make them reality with 3D printers from Microsoft Store. Discover 3D printing that's easy to use and produces quality 3D products. Browse our selection of 3D printers and accessories to find the perfect tools for your needs.

Whether you're a new entrepreneur trying out your hand at designing or a seasoned professional looking to create and present 3D models, our 3D printers are exactly what you need. These printers come equipped with platforms that are easy to use, with an on-board user interface that allows you to preview model files and access your entire model library with ease. In addition, the platform features a plug-and-play function, WiFi connectivity, and an on-board camera that lets you monitor the progress of your build remotely.

Microsoft Store brings you a range of 3D printers that vary depending on your needs. Our larger printers produce professional-quality, complex models up to 18 inches tall that are perfect for your in-office presentations and pitches. You'll immediately notice the 100-micron layer resolution, which results in smooth surfaces that don't need any sanding or finishing. In addition, the assisted build-plate leveling feature provides visual feedback that's helpful for increasing precision, making 3D printing faster and easier than ever. Plus, you can print multiple projects at once with these 3D printers.

Check out our smaller 3D printers for desktop use at home or work. These models come with all the same technology as the full-size printers, but are more compact. While they can't print designs that are over a foot tall like their larger counterparts, they're ideal for creating household items, replacement parts, and unique gifts. Plus, they're some of the most affordable 3D printers on the market today.

You can also find great 3D printer accessories at Microsoft Store, including a whole suite of filament spools, Get the colors you need at a price you can afford. You'll find that our filament is the best and most consistent kind for the brands of 3D printers we carry.