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Razer PCs and Tablets

With every purchase from Microsoft, you're one step closer to creating a premier computing experience. And what better way to make a splash than with a stunning Razer PC, whether it be a Razer tablet, laptop, or desktop? Bringing you the ultimate in gaming technology, each Razer PC features high-quality displays and powerful CPUs that will bring your games bursting to life.

Powered by Windows 10, each Razer PC works hard so you can play hard. Experience processors and memory that pack in the power, not to mention touchscreens with a striking display, which creates crystal clear images no matter what game you're playing. The razor-sharp display pumps out millions of pixels to generate vibrant colors. Boot up, launch games, and access files quicker than ever. Supercharged graphics processors deliver speed and smooth performance for a variety of activities, including watching your favorite shows and movies, browsing the Internet, and playing games. Several Razer laptops are some of the thinnest and most conveniently mobile PCs ever created. Their long-lasting battery life lets you unplug and play for a good chunk of the day, regardless of where you are.

But a Razer laptop isn't just good for gaming. You can also connect with friends via Skype, keep your apps organized, work on the latest Office application, and much more. Some boast ultra-responsive 10-point multitouch displays that work well with Windows 10 so you can seamlessly interact with whatever's on the screen.

Discover the height of gaming technology with our Razer PC laptops, designed to enhance the experience of both your personal and professional lives. Whether you feel like working or playing, each Razer laptop brings you the precision, power, and display you need to experience life in full color and get done those tasks you both need and want to accomplish. Shop Microsoft today and discover the difference with Razer PCs.