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Samsung PCs and Tablets

When it's top technology you crave, look no further than Microsoft. It doesn't matter whether you need a powerful desktop computer or a laptop for on-the-go convenience inside and outside your home – Microsoft has it all. And you can't go wrong with any of our top brands, especially a Samsung PC. From Samsung tablet options to laptops and desktops, Microsoft delivers something for everyone.

Our desktop PCs bring you stunning images, with full HD touchscreens that stretch over 21.5 beautiful inches. A Samsung desktop features a sleek profile with a slim bezel and metallic edge, creating a stylish addition to any room. Its processor allows for powerfully efficient multitasking and gives you lots of storage on its hard drive.

Each signature edition Samsung laptop comes with a full HD touchscreen and at least 8GB memory. Their ultra-slim frame makes them easy to hold and transport. With Intel Core processors, ergonomic keyboards and touchpads, and energy-saving technology, they're built for performance, whether your intended use is professional or personal.

Every Samsung PC comes equipped with Windows technology. Experience the difference with an operating system that brings you versatility and a range of customizable options, so your PC can be as unique as you are. Use the Start screen to organize your apps how you like them; and now, you can view up to three applications on the screen at once. It doesn't matter whether you select a Samsung laptop or desktop – you'll find enough power to do every task, whether accessing files with OneDrive, playing games or watching movies, Skyping with friends, locating your next app in the Windows Store, and more.

Discover the best in technology with the click of a button. Browse our collection of Samsung PCs, laptops, and desktops, and see what Microsoft has in store.