High-tech, not high priced.

Toshiba PCs make Windows 10 come to life

Toshiba PCs and Tablets

Step up to a new computer experience when you shop Microsoft. We only bring you the best in PC technology, so you can't go wrong no matter what you select. Browse our collections of PCs to find the size, processor, battery life, and type of computer that's right for you. Specifically, you can experience a top name brand at an affordable price with our signature edition Toshiba laptops and tablets.

Each Toshiba PC brings Windows 10 – the latest in Windows technology – to life, giving you the ability to live your life the way you want through a customizable Start screen, smart app organization, and enough power to accomplish both your personal and professional goals. In addition, you'll appreciate the high-quality make of each Toshiba PC model, bringing value to every dollar you spend.

When you need a compact PC to take on the go, consider a Toshiba tablet. Each one is thin and lightweight, which makes traveling with it of the utmost convenience. And the best part is, you don't have to sacrifice functionality, since every Toshiba tablet can perform many of the same functions as a Toshiba laptop.

Every Toshiba tablet features an HD touchscreen, and while the tablet boasts slightly less memory and SSD than its larger counterparts, its power-efficient processor delivers a fantastic performance and quick video and page loads, all with an impressive battery life.

If you prefer the feel of a Toshiba PC with a keyboard, check out our Toshiba laptop options. Even our most basic selection features a large display, solid memory, and great battery life – an impressive package for its low price. Meanwhile, higher-grade models deliver even more power and precision.

Multitask to your heart's content with our Toshiba PCs, whether your computer needs are personal or professional in nature. Start shopping for your Toshiba tablet or laptop today.