It's Madden Season at Microsoft - Shop Madden 16

Madden 16

It's Madden season at Microsoft! Whether you're a diehard football fan or simply love the thrill of gaming, there's a lot to love with Madden 16. The hot new release puts you in the center of the action and gives you the ultimate control. Browse our selection of Madden 16 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

This is Madden like you've never played it before. Thanks to Player Sense 2.0, everything feels more real. Our smart Madden 16 technology portrays player emotions and reactions in a more authentic way, and raises situational awareness for all positions. Other graphic enhancements include better daylight and colors – no matter the weather – and more detail in player likenesses.

Not only that, but now you can try out an arsenal of all-new pass rush moves, as well as intuitive tackling logic and redesigned coverage schemes. Take advantage of new angles with defensive player-lock cameras, bringing the action right to you as you go after the ball.

Both Madden 16 for Xbox One and Xbox 360 come with an improved feature that allows you to ask for help. Instead of the old Ask Madden feature, you now have access to crowd-sourced recommendations and data from millions of online games to pick the right play for any situation.

Pump up the excitement with new pregame and halftime shows on Madden 16. Have even more fun watching montages of in-depth player spotlights that summarize big plays, and enjoy more than 80 hours of new commentary.

If you're a hardcore Madden fan, now we've got even more content ready and waiting at your fingertips. The ultimate edition Madden 16 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One include up to $40 of Madden Ultimate Team bonus content – so you can build your dream team with the Pro Pack and Draft Pack.

Get in the game with Madden 16 and discover better graphics, features, and data designed to enhance your gaming experience. At Microsoft, shop our selection and take advantage of free shipping and free returns year round.