No Contract phones

No Contract Windows Phones

No-contract phones give you the flexibility to try out new carriers, or change your plan or services without the constraints of a traditional contract. And whether you want to connect with friends and family, take care of business, surf the web or play your favorite games, with a no-contract Windows phone you can do it all.

Just a few of the features available on our no-contract phones include:

Windows 8.1 (or Windows 8.1 ready): For the ultimate in personalization, Windows 8.1 gives you access to Cortana, a personal smartphone assistant that can provide you with reminders and recommendations to help you stay on schedule. In addition, it allows you to pin important items to your Start screen, gives you quick access to notifications, email, and text messages, and comes pre-installed with popular apps. For even more options, the Windows Phone Store gives you easy access to even more of the apps you want.

Sensitive Touch Screens: Designed to put a world of content right at your fingertips, our no-contract phones feature sensitive touch screens that can be controlled with just the swipe of your finger. And depending on the model you choose, some can even respond to commands given by gloved hands.

Incredible Cameras: When you choose a Windows phone with no contract, you won't have to sacrifice the features you want most – like a high-resolution camera to capture life's most memorable moments.

Brilliant Displays: Featuring deep blacks and rich colors, plus incredible resolutions for ultra-sharp viewing, every no-contract Windows phone in our collection puts brilliant, beautiful images in the palm of your hand.

Xbox Live: If you love gaming, many no-contract Windows phones give you anytime access to Xbox Live, so you can play your favorite games virtually anywhere.

In addition to no-contract phones, we also offer a full range of contract Windows phones and unlocked phones so you can get the right phone for your life and your style. Plus, with the latest Windows phone accessories, you can personalize your go-to mobile device even further. Explore our complete collection and get the device you need and the accessories you want.