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You can upgrade the processor to an Intel Core i5 for stronger performance, or an Intel Core i7 for the highest performance. The Intel Core i7 option includes Intel Iris graphics, making your photo, video, and 3D applications run faster.  It also gives you the ability to play more PC games.

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If you’re interested in performing more intensive tasks, it’s important to upgrade your memory now so you are prepared. 16GB allows your device to run more apps at the same time, edit high-resolution photos/videos with amazing smoothness, and develop applications more easily.

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Storage/Hard Drive

If you think you might want room for more applications, documents, and music, you should consider upgrading to at least 256GB of storage. If you plan to store a lot of high-resolution photos/videos or play the latest PC games, consider choosing 512GB or 1TB for the most flexibility.

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